Dry Goods

Happiness starts here

We partner with local start-up micro-businesses to provide you premium quality products made from natural ingredients. Below are just a few of our partners. 

Cinnamonkey Shrubs

Handcrafted Drinking & Cooking Vinegars for your Health, Bar, and Kitchen, using Apple Cider Vinegar.
Shrubs have gone in and out of popularity since the early Egyptian period. It is the process of mixing vinegar (usually apple cider vinegar) with fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and sugar. This provides us with endless flavor combinations which opens you up to creativity in your bar and kitchen with our creations. We believe at Cinnamonkey, that the best way to capture the complex flavors while maintaining the health benefits from our whole ingredients is to use the cold process. In return for the extra time spent creating the flavors, you get a delicious sipping vinegar that you can drink on its own or you can add it to your cocktails, zero-proof beverages, salads, or as a marinade and even use them while baking.

All of Cinnamonkey Shrubs are made with organic apple cider vinegar with the mother.
The Mother is believed to be rich in health-boosting natural proteins, healthy bacteria, and acetic acid. We use a non-heat process to make our shrubs in order to maintain all the health benefits from the wide variety of fruits, nuts, vegetables, herbs, and spices infused into the vinegar.

Katy’s Homemade Granola, Baked Goods & Dessert Bites

I started making Homemade Granola to serve my guests at my previously owned B&B, Villa on Verona. They loved it so much, they wanted to take it home. I’ve been selling it to Marshall visitors for over 2 years. I love to experiment with different varieties and seasonal flavors. I use few premium quality ingredients including Marn’s River Road Honey. We bake all of our items with Love from our Home Kitchen.

Nellie’s Lavender Estate

Nellie’s Lavender Estate was founded in memory of my grandmother, Nellie, who shared her love affair with mother earth in everything that she did and created.  This energy and passion were infused in my spirit at a young age from gardening and true farm to table cuisine.   To preserve a legacy, we are now a working farm that boasts over 500 lavender plants, 400,000 wildflowers, chamomile, sunflowers, and specialty herbs.  Bask in the beauty of natural prairie grasses, stroll through walking paths that meander through bluebird habitats and monarch butterfly waystations, or reserve a magical evening for you and your guests under the stars.  As I turn back to my roots, I am inspired to ignite that same light in all of you.   It is our passion to grow, source and produce high-quality, organic specialty food items, pastries, and sweets, pampering products and create beautiful adornments to connect body, soul, and home.