Welcome to Our Tea & Coffee Bar

A space to experience and enjoy your favorite cup of tea


A space to experience, living room and bistro style seating in our entrance way, while enjoying a favorite cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate paired with an AG Chocolate and a fresh homemade baked good.

We’ve created a calming entryway seating space to sit with a friend or when you want a little time for yourself.  We offer several varieties of Organic Loose Leaf Teas for In-House or To-Go. The process for each cup takes about 3-7 minutes to ensure the best quality and flavor.  

One Plant, Many Teas…We have a wide array of Delicious Packaged Organic Loose Leaf Teas along with Tea Accessories for your home enjoyment.  Our varieties vary from Black, Green, White, Oolong, Rooibus, Matcha, Herbal, Pu’er, Wellness and Dessert Teas.

Tea & Your Body Health Benefits are a learning journey for Everyone…While drinking tea will contribute to overall health and well-being, the many compounds in tea work together to benefit the body, providing protection from stress & disease, and strengthening bones and immune system.  Other known benefits range from dental health, skin, heart, brain to digestion health just to share a few.

Our plan is to take the best teas, some traditions and rituals from around the world and create a wonderful experience for our lifestyles today.